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Blind Rivets
Blind rivets are fasteners that can work only in one direction, eliminating the need for tapping or nuts, thus reducing costs and labor, improving productivity and eliminating the disadvantages of using screws. It is fast, simple and excellent in terms of function, and is excellent as an alternative to welding, bolts, washers and self-tapping screws.
Rivet Nuts
It is a nut which can be attached by using a special tool in one direction without welding the nut when attaching a plate or a closed end (pipe type) nut. RIVET NUT is variously called POPNUT, NUTSERT, BLIND NUT, NUTINSERT and NUT RIVET.
Bolts and nuts are tightened by applying pressure without welding, which is an excellent product for improving working efficiency. Protrusions are formed in the base material insertion portion to prevent shaking and deformation.
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J Fastener is a company that provides customers with the best quality and service, contributes to society, We want to grow into a company where our employees can fulfill their dreams.
 J Fastener has accumulated many years of know-how and know-how to provide the best products to customers, contributing to cost reduction through productivity improvement, and will be a company that grows with customers with the best engineering service in all stages from product selection to application stage.
 J fastener will continue to strive to supply the best products that are not satisfied with the current world-class technology, but are more reliable in new product development and research.




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